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    Appointment Procedure

    1. All deliveries will now require an appointment, regardless of size or pallet count.
    2. All delivery appointments must be made through Jennifer Tiso
    3. PSI has an unmanned warehouse, 1 hour to 30 min call before delivery is required.
    4. We accept 53ft trucks. We have a dock and forklift onsite

    Delivery Appointment

    • Jennifer Tiso 203-509-1144 mobile / 203-879-5471 x 103 ofc
    • Carlo Cantamessa 203-879-5471 x 101 ofc

    Delivery Policies

    Receiving Hours:
    • LTL LOADS: Monday-Friday: 9:30am to 2pm
    • FTL LOADS: Monday-Friday: 7:00am to 12pm

    Please Note:

    Deliveries that arrive without a scheduled appointment will not be received and will need to be re-scheduled.